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Monday, 21 January 2013

I do so love green eggs and ham

Thank you! Thank you Sam I am!

One of the best and easily independent ways a person can become more green is to eat less meat. My family and I are trying to do this and, although we are not ready to turn to vegetarianism, we are now consuming at least two meatless meals per week. By eating less meat and meat products we are reducing our ecological footprint by lessening our contribution to deforestation, manure creation, global warming (carbon creation), and water pollution.

This being said - this post is about our consumption of eggs and pork products. We LOVE eggs! They are a quick staple for a quick family dinner and they always go over well for the kids. However, we have 'greened' our consumption of eggs by buying local, free-range ovals of goodness. We are lucky to live in a small hamlet surrounded by family farms that are surviving despite the corporatization of the food system. By buying locally we cut down on our 'food miles' (the distance food travels from production to consumption), we keep money in our local economy, and we ensure that the animals providing us with eggs are treated humanely. They are not certified organic - but I've visited the farm and the chickens lead fairly happy lives.

We also consume bacon on occasion (more than ham - but the title wouldn't have been as catchy) and can get some from Lunar Rhythm Farms where we got our farm share. It's a little more expensive but worth it for the taste and ensuring our meat has been ethically treated and not pumped up with hormones or antibiotics.

Finally - one last note. We DO have green eggs and ham at our house every once and a while. It's another way for me to sneak veggies onto my kids plates and Dr. Seuss has made it cool. Just mix a couple of tablespoons of spinach or other dark greens puree into the eggs. Fun, functional, and fabulous! Enjoy!

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  1. Good for you! (Any time you're looking for some veggie recipes, give me a shout!)