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Wednesday, 12 December 2012

Deciphering Labels - Leaping Bunny

I am trying to be a more informed consumer but it is damned confusing! There are so many labels to understand to make sure a product is not harmful to the animals, workers, yourself, AND the environment. I want to make sure my consumption choices are environmentally sound and that I don't become a victim of "greenwashing" - when a producer claims environmental benifits in regards to it's products yet they are LYING! I think one of the best ways to ensure a product lives up to it's environemental promotion is to look for third-party verification. There are many independant organizations that investigate manufacturers and I am going to try and become familiar with them and their logos. The first one I am researching is the LEAPING BUNNY:

I have seen this logo on some body care and cleaning products and assumed it had something to do with animals. And guess what - my steller instincts were right! This independant organization ensures that the products sporting their logo have not been tested on animals durring any stage of their development. The ingredient suppliers also have to comply in order for the product to be approved. This does not mean that the product is organic or not harmful in any way to the environment - only that it has not been tested on animals. You can learn more about this certification by visiting the website

Me? I found this logo on a new product I'm going to try :) I'll post about it later - stay tuned!

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  1. Interesting. I hadn't really thought about this. Please keep us informed about other organizations that do this.