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Monday, 17 December 2012

Result of an Energy Audit

Nuts - we missed haveing even a PART of an energy audit covered by the government. They now won't subsidize ANYTHING! Grrrrrr.... Oh well - we got it done anyway and paid handsomly (almost $450) to be assessed by a rep. from GCC - Windfall Ecology Centre
She was very professional and did a thorough job. I think I was just expecting something more. I would have liked to know if our heating system was efficient and our appliances - but the assessment just covered the insulation of the house and basics we already knew. (like the dryer sucks energy)
The consultent used this device to seal the front door and vacuum the air out so she could test for air seeping in from the outside. Once the vacuum was in place, she surveyed all windows, doors, outlets, basboards, floors and ceilings to check for air tightness. Our house turns out to be pretty good. We need to do some caulking around outlets and baseboards, and our attic needs to be better insulated - but other than that - not bad! One other recommendation that we have already taken care of is the ceiling of the spare room in the lower level. We recently had some plumbing done and some of the ceiling tiles were removed and a hole was cut in the drywall.

This created a crazy draft which the rep. suggested we seal immediately. This has now been done! We had some extra tiles but we don't know how to drywall - but cardboard and duct tape does the trick :)

This little improvement has inspired me to do some of the other home improvements AND re-decorate the spare room envro-consciencely.



    Here's a link for anyone who needs to know how to patch drywall. :)