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Monday, 3 December 2012

Local parsnips

Wow, sometimes trying to go Green can be time consuming. (especially with a four and two year old) This weekend I tried to put local produce a priority. We did a farm share this past summer/fall through Lunar Rythms Farms (link on the right) and I can still purchase some in-season items from them. SO... I bought 10lb of parsnips from them to prepare for the freezer. Once washed and peeled I boiled and mashed them to get aprox. 13 cups of parsnip mash and 5 cups of broth to freeze. This mash is a convenient staple to have on hand to add to soups or hide in baking (the cookbook Deceptivly Delicious by Jessica Seinfeld is a great one for sneaking in the veggies). Parsnips ae an excellent source of fibber, anti-oxidants, vitamins C B-6 K and E, iron, calcium, and potassium. Buying local helps reduce my carbon footprint and support my local organic farms. However - the process did take most of my 'free time' on Saturday (free time with little kids - what's that?).


  1. That cookbook sounds great for my house. I'm always trying to get the kids to eat more vegis. I don't think I've ever tried parsnips. Thanks for sharing!

  2. I think it is so wonderful that you're doing your part for the environment. Imagine how wonderful it would be if each of us did even just a little!

  3. When visiting my mama in California I think its great that she has separate bins for trash pick up. Here in our smaller town everything goes in one trash can. We use to have where we could take aluminum cans but that is gone. In some cases it is very expensive to go green. Always feel good when I'm separating paper and plastic from garbage at mama's.

    1. Donna - thanks for your story. I feel lucky to have the oportunity to recycle in my community. Currently I am going to work on the first R more - reducing. A full recycling bin and one can of garbage is great - but a half full one and a half full can is better.